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Privacy Policy

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Your privacy is protected at Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. Our Policy has been created to meet the needs of our clients while also conforming to The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada and the standards which it is based upon:

Personal information includes facts and other information, recorded (or not) about a specific individual. This would include, all types of information in all forms, including (but not limited to) name, age, nationality, sex, address, earnings, opinions, positions, beliefs, comments, social status, employment records, credit records, borrowing records, existence of a dispute with a client, etc.

Crawford Smith and Swallow must collect personal information for the following sole and exclusive purposes: to facilitate our services to the clients engaging them; to be able to disseminate a client’s information and to make recommendations to clients in professional capacity; to be able to execute our professional mandate; and in order to meet legal and any other regulatory requirements pertaining to our professional practice.

Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. will share personal information with third parties only in order to assist in executing the above named uses of personal information. If there are any third parties using personal information collected by Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc., they are compelled to observe the policy of Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc., unless they are acting in accordance to their own rights to collect personal information, and only pursuant to specific federal or provincial legislation.

Before undertaking to collect any personal information, Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. identifies the purpose for collecting it and limits the degree of collection to the amount required to carry out a professional engagement. Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc will NOT collect any information without the express permission of the pertinent party(s) having been granted. Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. will limit the use and disclosure of all personal information collected except where consent is given or is required by law. Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. will retain personal information for a finite period of time and in accordance to the provisions of the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.

Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. ensures accuracy and timeliness of personal information in addition to having a policy on the secure destruction of personal information when the information is no longer required under professional mandates or existing laws. Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. will provide individuals access to their own information and will further undertake to amend any of the information if it is inaccurate. Crawford Smith and Swallow Inc. has created policies to safeguard personal information against unauthorized access.

The Privacy Officer is Mr. John Teibert and his mandate is to ensure that the privacy policies are executed in accordance to the highest standards of care and assurance. For any inquiries, concerns or complaints from any individual, corporation, group, legal body, legislative body, ministry or government office, they may be directed to our privacy officer via:


Privacy Officer
4741 Queen Street, Niagara Falls
Ontario, L2E 2M2
Phone: 905 356 4200
Fax: 905 356 7742

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