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Woman paying credit card bill on computer
Many people pay only the minimum balance on their credit cards each month - and some of them are continuing to rack up significant credit card debt while they do it. Doing this keeps you in good standing with your credit card company, but it won't help you pay down your debt effectively. ...Read More
Feeling Overwhelmed? You Don't Have to Do It Alone
If you've found yourself in a position of insolvency, you aren't alone, and a Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Crawford, Smith and Swallow can help. ...Read More
Marriage and Money: Communication is Key
Do your Valentine's Day plans include a proposal? It's important to start out on the right foot: an honest conversation about your finances and how you'll handle them as a married couple can help you deal with any existing or future debt before it becomes an issue....Read More
5 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget
Although the holidays are an amazing time of family togetherness, cozy gatherings, and nostalgic memories, high interest rates and steep spending can make this time of year quite stressful....Read More
Creating and Implementing A Budget
For many people, the thought of sitting down and talking about money is a huge source of stress. If you didn't learn good financial habits early in life, navigating the world of finances may seem like a huge obstacle to overcome....Read More
Filing a Consumer Proposal: Understanding The Alternatives to Bankruptcy
The Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act of Canada basically provides two ways of dealing with your personal debt problems: Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal. A consumer proposal is a repayment plan that is formulated in accordance...Read More
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